Demandium Multi Service On Demand, Home service App with admin panel (Version 2.6, 21 May 2024)



Demandium is a complete on-demand booking service platform developed using Laravel and Flutter Framework. You can easily build a service marketplace and one-stop solution platform for your home service business with this awesome script. As it is multi provider supported, that means you can add unlimited providers and grow your business fast. This project blended the technology and daily life service experiences with the relevant expertise to bring a revolution in the service industry.

6amTech’s goal is to provide industry-standard software solutions to entrepreneurs so that they can easily start their own businesses. As 6amTech is one of the best seller authors in CodeCanyon, you can feel free about the code structure, system design, and architecture of the system.

Demandium comprises of 3 Mobile Applications with the admin panel, provider panel, flutter web app and landing page-

  • Admin panel (included)
  • Provider panel (included)
  • User app (included)
  • Flutter web app (included)
  • Landing page (included)
  • Provider app (Not Included)
  • Serviceman app (Not Included)

7 Amazing Reasons to Buy Demandium:

  • A compact multi vendor on demand business solution.
  • 2 web panels: admin panel & provider panel.
  • 2 websites: Flutter web app & business website.
  • 3 mobile apps: customer app, provider app (add-on), and serviceman app (add-on)
  • 100% responsive design with cross-platform compatibility.
  • Clean, well-structured, and maintainable code.
  • Multiple payment and SMS gateway integration.

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Demandium on-demand booking service platform


All set?  How was the ride? Not convinced yet? Well, you better buckle up because you’re about to discover some mind-blowing features that will make you a believer in no time!

Here are some remarkable features of Demandium: 

Multi-language Supported

Admin can set up multiple languages for the entire system and give their users a native experience. While the providers, servicemen, and customers can change the language of their respective panels & apps and enjoy this feature.

Zone-wise Service Providing System

From the business zone section, the admin can create multiple business zones within their country and create zone-wise services for local customers’ needs.

Light/Dark Mode

The Demandium business website, Flutter web app, customer app, provider app, and serviceman app all come with a light/dark mode feature that allows users to use the system as per their preference.

Scheduled Booking System

Customers can schedule a service during booking confirmation and choose their preferred time. This creates more flexibility among customers and servicemen and creates long-term business credibility for the admin.

Track Booking Orders

Customers can track the booking order from the booking details page of the web app or customer app.

Direct Service Booking

From the Demandium user app and web app, customers can book a service directly to their favorite provider.

Customized Booking Request

Customers can create a customized booking request. For example, a customer wants to book an AC cleaning service. But the customer wants the serviceman to use eco-friendly products. In such cases, they can create a customized booking request.

Provider Bidding Option

During a customized booking, all providers can bid for the service with special pricing offers and add beneficial points to their bid. Customers can choose the best provider with the best price and book the service.

Directly Book a Provider

If the customer wants, they can directly book a provider for their service necessities.

Various Service Discounts

Customers can enjoy various service discounts from the coupon section and campaign pages.

Multiple Payment Methods

The admin can add multiple payment methods for customers so they can pay conveniently. Such as digital payment, cash after-service, and wallet payment.

Wallets & Loyalty Points

Admin can provide virtual wallets to customers where all their transactions and earnings will be shown. This includes loyalty points as well. If a customer completes any transaction goal the admin sets, they’ll earn loyalty points that will add to their wallet balance. Later, they can pay through their wallets in future bookings.

Refer & Earn

If the admin enables the referral earning option. Customers can use a unique referral code and share it with their friends and family. If any new person places their first order with their referral code, the customer will earn referral bonus points that automatically add to their wallet balance.

Promotional Banners

Admin can create numerous promotional banners from the admin panel to attract customers and increase sales. Customers can see these banners from the web app or personal mobile apps. These promotional banners are divided into three criteria- category-wise banners, service-wise banners, and redirect links. The redirect link banners allow customers to visit another page the admin has linked to.

Push Notifications

From the promotion management section, the admin can create various push notifications for different users (customer, provider, serviceman, all) and different business zones to provide the necessary information and promotional offers.

Discounts & Coupons

Admin can also create various discounts that will be automatically deducted from the specific service during checkout and create coupons that customers can use during checkout and enjoy a discount.

Dynamic Search

The dynamic search bar of the Demandium web app and customer app provides relevant search suggestions and recommendations according to customers’ search behaviors.

Help & Support

Users can reach out for any kind of support, query, or help to the admin in the help & support section. This includes chat, email, and phone numbers.

Booking History & Details

All users can see booking history and details from their perspective in their personal app or panel in Demandium.

Transaction History

All users can see their transaction history and filter data according to dates from the transaction history section.

Save Multiple Addresses

Customers can save multiple addresses to their profile and place a booking order using one of those addresses easily during checkout.

Multiple Log-in Option

Users can log in to the web app or customer app using multiple login options such as email, phone, Google, or Facebook account.

Account Deletion Option

The servicemen and customers can delete their accounts from the respective website or apps if they want.

Legal Pages

Admin can edit all their legal page’s contents from the admin panel, such as privacy policy, terms & conditions, refund policy, and cancellation policy.

Provider Panel Dashboard

Every provider panel comes with a smart dashboard where they can view the overall business report in one place.

Subcategory-wise Subscription

Providers can subscribe to various service sub-categories that are pre-defined by the admin. This resembles that the provider is equipped with the following sub-categories and is ready to provide the services to the customers.

Serviceman Management

Providers can add new servicemen from the provider panel. Later they can edit their information, see their wallet report, and remove a serviceman if needed.

Generate Invoice

Every user, such as admin, customer, provider, and serviceman, can generate an invoice and print it (if the thermal printer is connected to their device) to track transactions and order details.

Provider Account Management

Providers can manage their accounts, view their wallet dashboards, and edit their profile and bank information from the account management section.

New Service Request

Provider and customer can always request a new service from the admin, and the admin can give feedback on their requested service. With this feature, the admin can bring service varieties into their system.

Self Registration

Both providers and customers can self-register from the business website, web app, or customer app, and the admin can accept their onboarding request from the admin panel.

Backup Database

Admin can backup all their database to a secure place for any future server crashes.

Business Website

With Demandium, you showcase your entire business and promote it via a single landing page called ‘business website’. And it comes free with the core package!

Login Recaptcha

Demandium ensures your server’s protection by adding a unique re-captcha during every login into the admin and provider panels.

Manage Employee Roles

Admin can create employee roles, add new employees, manage them, and delete any employee if they want.

Now that you know all about Demandium, you can literally connect your business idea with it (even better). Demandium is a complete multi provider on demand service booking platform that you must have to kickstart your business in the on demand industry. So get Demandium today!


Change Log-

Version 2.6, 21 May 2024
- Introduced a paid Ads section where sellers can pay the admin to promote their store or pages in the designated Ads section
- Implemented multilevel advanced menu searching in both the admin and provider panels for easier navigation and management
- Enhanced employee role access feature, added section-wise add, edit, delete, and download access
- Enhanced service search functionality in both web and apps, allowing searches by name, category, subcategory, description, FAQ, and tags
- Added filter options on the search page including high to low, low to high, trending, popular, and newest service
- Enabled category-wise filter on the search page for more refined search results
- Introduced the “Nearby providers” feature and enabled customers to book the nearest service provider directly
-Overall UI/UX and lots of small functionalities improvement to enhance system functionality and user experience
- Fixed some issues
- Migrate firebase push notification API from legacy FCM APIs to HTTP v1 
- Optimised some queries and APIs
- Made the app compatible with Flutter's new version 3.22.0
Note: Please complete the new firebase setup -
Version 2.5, 18 April 2024
- Introduced customer schedule booking options in the checkout.
- Added some new email notifications to the customers.
- Introduced wishlist functionality for services/providers.
- Added minimum payable amount option for providers in the admin panel.
- Added discount on first booking option using referral code during registration.
- Enhanced UI of both the admin and provider panel.
- Skipped language selection screen for apps when only one language is active. 
- Improved flow for handling bidding service request acceptance by customers before placing a booking request, in case the provider deletes/withdraws the bid.
- Enhanced Onboarding Screen UI and content for apps.
- Fixed some issues
- Improved some queries and optimized performance 
- Made the Flutter app compatible with Flutter SDK 3.19.5
Version 2.4, 15 March 2024
- UI improvements for both the Admin panel and Provider panel.
- Enhanced chatting functionality for User, Provider, and Serviceman.
- Improved UI for both Provider and User app and web interfaces for better navigation and usability.
- Upgraded Laravel framework to version 10, enhancing system performance and security.
- Improved lots of business logic to improve the performance and user visibility
- Implemented email notifications for provider registration approval and denial.
- Added cancellation notes for Delete Customized request and Deny verify Request to improve transparency.
- Fixed lots of small ignored issues
- Made the app compatible with Flutter 3.19.3
Version 2.3, 03 January 2024
- Optimized and restructured all blade pages code in backend and web panels.
- Fixed issues
- Added provider static time schedules
- Added firebase crash analytics for apps
- Made the apps compatible with flutter SDK 3.16.5
Version 2.2, 29 November 2023
- Made the full system compatible with multi-language including system data. 
- Improvement on whole push notification system with dynamic data
- Manage cash in hand overflow and based on this amount automatic provider suspend
- Reassign provider option from the admin panel for a service
- Show business operation areas in app and web managed by the admin. 
- Managed book again option from existing booking
- Digitally due payment option for provider
- Rearrange/Improvements on Admin and Provider panel menu and pages
- Provider self delete option from app and web panel
- Improved some design in user app and web
- Fixed some issues
-  Made the apps compatible with flutter SDK 3.16.0 
Version 2.1, 10 September 2023
- Service booking edit option for provider and service man access manage by admin and provider. 
- Add fund to wallet balance using payment gateway
- Guest checkout: Customer can book a service without login/ registration
- Partial payment by wallet balance
- Apple login for user app
- Extra system maintenance/ service fee managed by admin
- Manual/ Offline payment option manage by admin dynamically
- Booking confirmation by OTP and photo uploading option
- Maximum and minimum booking amount
- Made compatible with the 6amTech payment and sms gateway module
- Fixed some small issues
- Performance improved by query optimization
- Made tha app compatible with flutter current version 3.13.3
Version 2.0, 08 June 2023
- Customized Bidding System (Now the customer can create a service request and providers can bid on that service request)
- Minimum Bidding price for service add, Update & list
- Coupon (Type: Customer-wise coupon & Coupon for First Booking )
- Customer Information edit from Booking details 
- Direct Provider booking On/Off settings in the admin panel
- COD, Digital payment On/Off setting in the admin panel
- For account verification (user & provider) Email & phone verification settings 
- Forgot password verification method managed by admin
- OTP and login security improved (OTP hit count, login hit count, and temporary block user)
- Account Verification with OTP (via Email & Phone)
- Made the app compatible with Flutter 3.x and null-safety
- Registration as a service provider from user app and web
- Live chatting with Firebase push notification
- COD, Digital payment On/Off setting add into the admin panel
- Recommended providers list in guest mode
- Performance improved and some major issues fixed
- Made the app compatible with Flutter 3.10.2
Version 1.3, 12 March 2023
- Added customer wallet, loyalty point, and wallet payment for service booking
- Added Refer and Earning 
- Added direct Provider booking when placing a booking request with the recommended service provider when the user logged in.
- Gallery for the admin panel
- New missing service request option by provider and customer
- Featured category-wise service list
- Top search  products with product view list and details Analytics 
- Customer-wise product view count
- Search tags in the service for improving the search experience
- Database backup download, restore, remove
- Mobile number visibility managed by admin
- Accept/Reject cookies for web
- Update some logic in Trending/recommended/popular service
- Made the apps compatible with flutter version 3.7.6
- Fixed some issues & improvements
Version 1.2, 24 January 2023
- Dynamic promotional cost-bearing option
- Dynamic withdrawal method managed by admin
- Bulk withdraw request update with (multi-select & import) and new status Settle for withdraw request
- Transaction, Business overview, Earning, Expense, Booking report with invoice download option both in Admin and Provider Panel
- Provider report & invoice
- Serviceman Details view in provider panel
- Recently viewed services section in user app and web.
- Search suggestions for user app and web
- Improved push notification and redirect to the related page on click.
- Improved in review and edit option for the previous review
- Coupon remove option added in cart page
- Show used and expired coupons
- Invoice design improved and Improvement in conversation.
- Fixed some issues & improvements
Version 1.1.1, 28 November 2022
- Allow providers to complete the service without a service man
- Social login on/off option in admin panel
- Invoice UI design updated in app and web app
- Payment complete screen updated
- Shimmer loading issues solved
- Fixed some design issues in dark mode
- Fixed pagination issues in list
- Fixed push notification issues in some case
- Fixed some other small issues
- Performance improved
- Compatible with flutter version 3.3.9
Version 1.1, 03 November 2022
- Web app release
- Update choose language feature
- Improved service details UI
- Improved booking details UI
- Fixed major UI and functional issues (campaign and promotional banner)
- Cart feature improved
- Performance improvement
Version 1.0, 14 November 2022
- Initial Release

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